Ameda CleanEase Microwaveable Steam Sanitization Bags


Keep your breast milk parts safe and sanitized with the Ameda CleanEase Microwaveable Steam Sanitizing Bags. In under 5 minutes, the CleanEase Steam Bag sanitizes breast pump kit parts such as flanges, flange adapters, diaphragms, and valves. C...




For Health & Safety:

Ameda meets the standard recommended by HMBANA and the CDC. Per the CDC and HMBANA’s “Best Practice for Expressing, Storing and Handling Human Milk in Hospitals, Home and Child Care Setting”, Ameda recommends the steam sanitizing process for Ameda’s HygieniKit® Milk Collection System:

  • If using the steam sanitizing process, please follow Ameda’s cleaning instructions first.
  • Proper cleaning of pump parts is needed. If not, the milk residuals will be “cooked” onto the parts and provide a medium for bacterial growth.
  • Check pump kit parts for cracks, chips, tears, or deformation before and after steam sanitization process.
  • Major risk with steam bags is scalding, so moms and caregivers should be very careful when they take the bag out of the microwave.


  • CleanEase bags are convenient and multi-purpose – ideal for sanitization of Ameda Nipple Shields, DuoShell, collection bottles, locking rings, and lids OR to carry breast pump kit parts and accessories while on-the-go
  • With plenty of room for an Ameda double pumping kit, the Ameda CleanEase is 20% larger in volume than the leading brand
  • Made with premium food grade and high-temperature resistant material, the superior Polypropylene variation RCPP features three layers for better heat-sealing properties and helps the Steam Bag retain its shape even after multiple uses
  • Durable construction boasts superior high-temperature resistance RCPP designed to withstand microwave heating and pressure when compared to polypropylene that is used by the leading brand

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