Ameda Custom Fit Kit, 28.5mm M Inserts (1 Pair), 30.5mm L Flanges (1 Pair)


The Ameda CustomFit Breast Pump Flange Kit helps make breast pumping comfortable and helps mom pump more milk when the fit is just right. The breast flange is the funnel shaped piece that cups your breast. A good fit is important! Make sure your b...



  • Breast Pump Flanges and Inserts are entirely BPA and DEHP free.
  • Angled design and various sizing options provide a comfortable experience.
  • Works with your breastfeeding equipment to create the easiest possible pumping process.
  • Five different flange sizing options that can be easily be switched out to cater to your specific needs.
  • Using the correct flange sizing can contribute to a more efficient pumping process.
The first name in breast pumps.

Ameda's mission is to help empower mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals by providing the highest quality breastfeeding products and education. We know how much breastfeeding matters.

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