Ameda knows that breastfeeding is important for you and your baby. The Ameda story starts with a passion for breastfeeding.

More than 70 years ago in Sweden, engineer Einar Egnell was asked by a leading gynecologist to create a better breast pump.

When he heard that the breast pumps of the time were painful to use and didn't express milk well, Egnell made it his life's work to help breastfeeding mothers. After years of research and hundreds of pump trials, his breakthrough came with the invention of the first truly comfortable and effective breast pump. In the process, Egnell created the vacuum and cycling standards that today's lactation consultants use to judge most breast pumps.

Today Ameda’s mission is the same as Egnell’s – to help make breastfeeding easier and more convenient for mothers. The current line of Ameda breast pumps combine Egnell's innovative technology with the features a 21st century mother expects. Ameda’s passion for breastfeeding is reflected in everything that Ameda offers breast pumps and products, breastfeeding education and support of lactation professionals.