Wholesale Partner Program

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Partner with Ameda Direct


Download and complete Account Application and Credit Application.


Copy Email completed forms to Support
(support@amedadirect.com) or fax completed forms to
1-337-326-4715 Attn: Account Specialist.


Once your account is active, you’ll receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to get started.

Benefits of becoming a wholesale partner include:

Breast Pump Referral Portal

Drives referrals to you at no cost. More referrals, more sales!

Quality Discounts

Increase Your profit margins when You purchase E0602, E0603, E0604 in bulk.

Drop Shipping

Limited storage capabilities? No problem! We offer drop shipping options too!

Before Sales Support

Digital brochures and educational resources to educate mom during the the sales process.

After Sales Support

Providing after sale support to Moms so you don’t have to! Our Parent Care Line is there to provide a continuum of care after the sale.

Insider Information

Receive bi-monthly newsletters about special promotions, upcoming sales, and insights on how YOU can stand out among competitors.